Slim Down Your Guacamole

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The secret ingredient to slim down your favorite party dip
What's the secret ingredient in this dip?

Enjoy your guacamole guilt free

Who doesn’t adore the ultimate party dip, the beloved bowl of guacamole? This party table essential is creamy and refreshing, but it's also loaded with fat and calories. And, although it’s healthy fat it can still take a toll on your waistline if you go overboard, and during these sweltering summer months, you don’t want your guests to feel weighed-down by the food that you serve them.


Welcome the secret ingredient to add to your bowl of guacamole so you and your guests can indulge without the bulge — zucchini. With only about 30 calories per medium zucchini (while a medium avocado has about 10 times that), zucchini is the perfect ingredient to lighten up your favorite party dip without losing flavor, and the green color and smooth texture will let you and your guests forget that it’s much lighter than the original.


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Just replace one-half of the avocado in a recipe with chopped zucchini (so if a recipe called for four avocados, only use two with two zucchini) in a food processor, then add the rest of the flavorful components (lime juice, salt, tomato, cilantro, onion, etc.) and enjoy! For more ideas on how to enhance your guacamole, check out our 8 Tips for Better Guacamole