Sky Screamer

Theme Park, Theme Park
Great Adventure
Jackson, NJ 08514


  • Worth the wait. Very short but thrilling. Great view of the park!
  • Amazing!!!
  • Lock your crotch strap, very important, as they keep repeating this over and over again!
  • It's not a scary ride but it's pretty cool being 24 stories above ground with an awesome view of the whole park!! More fun to ride at night!
  • Very very high, fun! My 6 year old loves it.
  • About to go in...
  • Crazy intense flying swing ride. Soar 240 feet in the air with awesome views of Great adventure.. Crazy rush..
  • The best view up is a great ride.
  • It was a cool ride. You could see the whole park from the top.
  • awesome ride! crazy how high up you are!!
  • Beautiful View at night. Not really worth riding more than once, so wait until its dark!
  • Long line and a super quick ride. Not very impressed.

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