Skeeps Raises Price of Skeeps Card


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The drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is the total opposite of “chic” or “trendy”, yet girls will put on their nice outfits and heels, and everyone will wait outside for an hour in below-freezing temps without a coat just to potentially not even get in. (Hey, where’s a promoter when you need one, am I right, Riff Raff Thursday crew?)

Because Skeep’s knows that they are guaranteed to have a line out the door, they have gotten notably more selective with who they let in. They are now known for hour long lines starting at 10 pm, confiscating fake IDs and having tons of undercover cops inside trying to bust kids for underage drinking.

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There is a way to avoid some of the issues mentioned above and that is getting a “Skeep’s card”. Historically, the Skeep’s VIP status was a rarely attained unicorn, but over the last couple years, and especially last school year, tons of people have been getting them.

The original deal was that you had to spend $1,000 on your tab in one night, plus a $200 tip. Once you did this, you got a VIP card with your name on it that would allow you to forever cut the line and not have to worry about being rejected. This seems like a ridiculous price to pay just to get into a sports bar, and there is a legend that the whole thing initially started as a joke, but people are clearly willing to pay so it became more of a thing. Another layer added to Skeeps’ ego.

We decided to call up Skeep’s and get the official scoop on the Skeep’s card. Here’s the sitch:

At some point last year they raised the price to $1440 and from now on the VIP card will cost $2000 plus a mandatory $400 tip. The reason is basically that they didn’t want this many people having it, so they’re going to keep raising the price until people refuse to buy it. There are currently about 230 “VIPs.”

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What do you get for your money, you ask? You get to cut the line, never pay cover, bring in a plus one and you get 25% off your food bill. All you need to do is bring a form of identification that has your name and picture (and your plus one MUST have proof of age). There is a $100 renewal fee each year that you gotta pay to keep your VIP status too.

While I had the guy on the phone, I decided to ask him some of the other pressing questions I know we’re all wondering. Yes, the chicken fingers and fries will be back again this year for late night munching (for only $5!). No the stamps will not be coming back ever because it caused too much of an issue between all the VIPs and “prestamped” people trying to cut the line.

While they occasionally have special sponsored events that allow 18+ to enter, such as the infamous freshman orgy, Splash Bash, they are so busy as it is that they have no reason to make the bar 18+ to enter on a normal night.

Finally, I wanted to know, what’s really in their famous $1 Long Island Iced Tea? The guy on the phone literally didn’t know exactly what was in it, which is both creepy and sort of not that surprising. All he could tell me was that it was “a mixed drink with some Coke and orange juice.”

All in all, everyone loves Skeeps, until they get told the place is at capacity and they’re not getting in. They’re not worried, though, because they know you’ll still come back. You may spot a member of the football or basketball team, or you may remain in the “Jew Corner” taking selfies and solo pics in front of the cliche M, but the point is, you will be there.


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