Museum, History Museum, Zoo
Djurgårdsslätten 49-51 (Djurgården)
Stockholm, Södermanlands län 115 21
+46 8 442 80 00


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  • the first open air museum might sounds dull but it is a great place for relaxation, education and fun activities. Make sure to try out to blow your own glassornaments and pay a visit to Restaurant Sol
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  • Visit this nice outdoor museum and zoo. See moses, bears, wolfs and more. Enjoy many of the fantastic views as Skansen is located on a hill with view over Stockholm at many places.
  • Elkland: you can see an elk, you can eat an elk and you can wear an elk!
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  • A little bit deserted during wintertime, nevertheless worth a visit. Wild animals, beautiful views,...
  • It is really nice place to visit both for adults and kids :)
  • The world's largest exhibition of empty cages.
  • En invierno hay pocos animales pero con nieve el paisaje es ms bonito
  • This zoo and open air museum is home to animals like brown bears, otters, wolves, red foxes, otters, etc. Go here during the summer and enjoy lots of folk dances and musical performances.
  • Skansen is a great place to bring family or friends. Enjoy animal watching, concerts or the scenic view overlooking Stockholm.
  • must-see in Stockholm. It's great that people working hear can speak English and tell amazing stories in that language in a very easy way!
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  • Beside old buildings, there are pleasant surprises visiting the zoo and the aquarium;
  • Travel through time! Stay in touch with the nature and learn a lot about life in mid age in this part of the world. Count that you'll need few hours for Skansen at least, but it's worth!
  • There's an automatic bicycle rental near the main entrance to Skansen. It costs only 10 SEK to take a bicycle for up to 3 hours and have a nice trip around Djurgarden.
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  • My favourit place in Stockholm! It is also nice to visit in autumn. Have a look at people which are working and living like hundred years ago and have a nice chat with them.
  • cute animals chasing people around

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