Six Flags St Louis

Theme Park
4900 6 Flags Rd (at 5th St)
Eureka, MO 63025
(636) 938-5300


  • Be sure to ride Mr. Freeze and Evil Kanievil......woohooooooooo!
  • Try riding Evel Knievel at night, it actually goes faster than during the day!
  • On Tuesdays in July guests can get 4 tickets for $98 through Y98!
  • The cheapest place to get one-day tickets is at Dierbergs, $31.00 plus tax.
  • i heart six flags!
  • For the benefit of others please wear deodorant! Heavy perfume does not help but just masks your BO!!
  • Season passes are the way to go.
  • Make sure you go to the water park in the summer because I like short lines for the roller coasters.
  • ride the batman
  • Perfect place to come to in the summer to enjoy rollar coasters and on hot days check out the water park
  • DO NOT BRING A BAG WITH YOU! You have to pay for a locker for every ride. It's ridiculous. A place that makes thousands of dollars a day, charging for lockers you HAVE to have.. Dumb, dumb, dumb.
  • They ought to call it Ghetto Flags, half the rides are always broken, including the brand new one.
  • Check out the abandoned tea cup ride near the palace theatre; very cool thing to see.
  • Don't bring your bags inside. For some reason this park fails to provide storage crates at many rides and force you to rent a locker to ride
  • Two words: THE BOSS
  • DRENCHED! after riding the tidal wave
  • BATMAN baby. All day.
  • Bring a plastic bag for your cellphone so you can go on water rides
  • St. Louis is known for baseball, bbq and arches. Why not enjoy it's other treasure, six flags, with a great iPhone and iPad video ride guide. $1.99 on the app store.
  • When planning a day at Huricane Harbor, make sure to take along flip flops or some sort of water shoes. The pavement is HOT!

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