Six Flags Over Texas

Theme Park
2201 Road To Six Flags St E (at Six Flags Dr)
Arlington, TX 76011
(817) 640-8900


  • Looking for a quiet place to relax and take in the scenery? In between Yosemites Gold River Adventure and the Chaparral Cars, youll find a pathway that leads to a secluded scenery overlook!
  • Definitely ride Batman, Titan, and Mr. Freeze!!
  • Fear not - little kids can find plenty of slower-paced attractions and rides in the parks Looney Tunes section. Powered by
  • The coasters are dope, but flying flip flops are an epic fail. #DontBlowIt
  • Ride the new Texas giant! It's awesome
  • top 3 rides: batman, mr. freeze, and the titan. blacked out on the titan from loss of blood to the head going so fast... rad.
  • Ride the New Texas Giant! Worth the wait!!
  • Titan RULES !!!
  • the best months to visist are March (except for Spring Break week!) and October. Batman is my favorite ride...and yes, the front outside seats are the best!
  • Ride Batman (must sit in the front row)... that and Mr. Freeze are my favorite rides!
  • Buy 1 bottled water and fill it up all day free at the drinking fountain. There's a cold one in Looney Tunes behind Bill's Lemonade
  • Raise your City iQ: Developer Angus G. Wynne, Jr invested $10 million for the first ever Six Flags.
  • Six Flags Fright Fest
  • Gay Day Is So Fun Sept 17, 2011
  • Ride Tian and Mr. Freeze!
  • how do i check in?!!!!
  • Get the flash pass!
  • Great place to soak up some sun and have a blast with kids of all ages!
  • Ride the new Texas Giant!!
  • went last monday and had a blast worth every penny

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