Sir, There’s Some Jelly In My Beer

Georgian company One Screw Loose features a line of unique jellies and jams

One Screw Loose jellies stacked on top of one another

If the name isn’t enough to draw you in, the ingredients might be. One Screw Loose is a jelly company based out of Georgia that features versatile jellies that are encouraged to be paired with just about anything — which is how they developed their jelly recipes to begin with. Marked for their unique selection of jellies and jams, their products feature key ingredients such as IPA’s, stout’s, whiskey, coffee, wine, and sweet tea, including mainstays like balsamic, fruit, and peppers.  

D.K. ‘Chopper’ Senft, the founder of the company, told The Daily Meal “We are a family of ‘jelly innovators.’ We’ve taken traditional canning and put our own unique stamp on it.  Jelly is great but with beer it's better! We use familiar foods in unique ways.  With our original flavors we hit the farmers market and festival circuits [and are] quickly becoming a crowd favorite. From there we’ve continued to expand our product line and grow.  With over 24 adventurous flavors we have something for everyone.  Grab a jar and spread it on thick.’”

Click here to see One Screw Loose's Pork Tenderloin Recipe 

Founded in September of 2011, the company has been taking over the jelly world ever since. Fans are constantly trying to find them at local markets and use their jellies through recipes posted on their Facebook page. Recipes include basic meat roasts like Pork Tenderloin with your choice of Jelly to go on top of the meat, others include cheeses and muffins to give any recipe a little extra kick. Even better, jams are so strangely flavored, One Screw Loose can even make a Habanero and a Hoppy-IPA fuse nicely together, and we love it. When asked where they get their inspiration for these strange jellies, company representative Kathy Senft told The Daily Meal at New York’s Fancy Food Show that these uncommon combinations come from the southern notion of combining what you have on hand in that very moment in order to make something often strange and delicious. These southerners certainly took that notion to heart and released this line to give us all a little taste of what that means exactly.


You can try some of these jams by ordering them here, or you can look out for where One Screw Loose is featured for sale on their Facebook page