Sipping La Dolce Vita at La Selvanella: My Afternoon of Exquisite Chianti in Tuscany

From by Wanda Mann
Sipping La Dolce Vita at La Selvanella: My Afternoon of Exquisite Chianti in Tuscany

When we reached the summit of the winding roller coaster of a road that transported us high above the Chianti region to the vineyards of La Selvanella, our determination was generously rewarded with breathtaking views of Tuscany and some truly exquisite wine. If only all roads led to Chianti!

My journey to Chianti actually began a few months ago when I had the pleasure of attending a tasting in NYC that showcased award-winning La Selvanella Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG. I fell head-over-heels in love with these wines. Each sip stoked a desire to visit Italy that had grown more intense over the years. Inspired by my Chianti courage, several weeks later I spontaneously booked a trip to Rome and Tuscany.

On top of the world! La Selvanella boasts some of the highest elevation vineyards in the Chianti region. I had the pleasure of enjoying the view with agronomist Marco Viciani, winemaker Alessandro Zanette, and external communications manager Lucia Migliorini.

When asked what makes La Selvanella so special, winemaker Alessandro Zanette passionately responded "authenticity, tradition, and modernity." Debuting in 1969, La Selvanella was the first single vineyard wine from Chianti. Also, La Selvanella is produced by Fattorie Melini. Founded in 1705 Fattorie Melini has mastered the artistry of creating quality Chianti that beautifully expresses the personality and nuances of the Sangiovese grape. At Melini, modern winemaking techniques are employed to enhance, not eliminate, the traditional methods they've perfected over more than 300 years.

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In addition to La Selvanella, Melini has an impressive and diverse portfolio of Chianti. Each vino has a unique personality but they share a wonderful vibrancy, balance, and fruit forwardness. I may not be able to dine al fresco in Tuscany everyday, but La Selvanella and all of the Melini wines make it easy to add a little Tuscan flair wherever you are. If you enjoy food-friendly, balanced, expressive red wines; give La Selvanella and Melini a swirl. These are wines to enjoy with delicious food and the company of friends. Salute!

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