Sip Something New! Fill Your Glass with Lugana Wines from Italy

From by Wanda Mann
Sip Something New! Fill Your Glass with Lugana Wines from Italy

When I first tasted Lugana, I wondered why I had never heard of these wonderful white wines from Italy. I then proceeded to sip another glass (or two) of these expressive, refreshing, and elegant vinos - I had years to make up for!

The Lugana winemaking region is situated in northern Italy on the southern part of Lake Garda and is actually located in two different regions, Lombardy and the Veneto. Lugana is produced from the indigenous Turbiana grape which can produce an astounding array of wines; still, dry, sweet, sparkling, young & fresh, and aged & complex. 

Angelica Altomare travels the world sharing Lugana in her role as export manager for Cà Maiol winery.
Cà Maiol Molin Lugana DOC 2015 ($15) is a great introduction to Lugana. Fruit-forward but elegantly dry with refreshing and lively flavors of citrus, green apple, fresh almonds, and white peach.  


Cà Lojera Lugana DOC 2015 ($18) is another lovely expression of the Turbiana grape. Crisp and crunchy minerality with hints of peach, green apple, lime, and mint. 


 Valentino Girelli's family has been making wine for four generations. Their Montonale Lugana DOC 2015 ($22) feels substantial on the palate without being cloying. Smooth with vibrant acidity and delightful flavors of green apples, minerality, and a hint of peach. 

Luca Formentini is the elegant and affable president of the Lugana winemakers consortium. His family's winery, Podere Selva Capuzza, produces excellent wines that express the many personalities of Lugana. His wines are not yet available in the United States, but when they are, be sure to give them a swirl. If you're planning a trip to the Lake Garda region, Podere Selva Capuzza offers a Farm Holiday experience and meals at their restaurant in a 13th century farmhouse. 


 If your local wine shop isn't stocking Lugana, ask them to place an order and you can take credit for making these delicious wines available in your community. Visit the Lugana Consorzio Tutela website for more information about Lugana winemakers and the region. Cheers!