Simple Secrets for a Healthier Year

Easy ways to start this year off on the right foot

Did you resolve to start the year on a healthier note? Eating more healthfully doesn’t have to be hard, so we’ve put together new simple secrets for a healthier new year — and a healthier you! Need more? Find 20 more simple secrets here and here!

— brooklynsupper, Babble


Swap It
Make it healthier by subbing in more nutritious ingredients. For instance, use honey, dried fruit, or bananas in place of sugar.

Get more ideas for healthy food swaps.



Eat Breakfast
Starting your day with a healthy meal provides vital nutrients after your nightly "fast." Breakfast also jump-starts metabolism, and those who eat it have lower cholesterol and better cardiovascular health.

Learn more about the benefits of eating breakfast.


Team Up
You don't have to join Weight Watchers to have a supportive community. Consider finding online groups, or get your spouse or partner in on the act. Finding a steady workout buddy can be especially motivational — ask around!

Make yellow watermelon and feta salad.


Eat a Family Dinner
Some of the worst food decisions we make are when we're eating alone or on the go. Making a point of a family dinners is a terrific way to make sure everyone in your family gets a balanced, nutritious dinner each night.

How to make salad a hit during dinner.


Get an App
Apps like Lose It can help the calorie-conscious track calories consumed and burned daily. The super-functional, free app makes it easy to track food and exercise, giving you a clear picture of your eating habits.

Make rainbow chard slaw.


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