SilverCity Riverport Cinemas

Movie Theater, Cineplex
14211 Entertainment Way (at Steveston Highway)
Richmond, BC V6W 1K4
(604) 277-5993


  • Go see a movie
  • Half price Tuesday. Get reg movie ticket for $6.25 or add it with a popcorn and drink combo for $12.50
  • Ultra AVX here now?!? Sweet! :-)
  • When ordering from the Burger King stand, keep an eye out for staff that make your food bare-handed w/o washing their hands.
  • Use your scene points for 3D and IMAX movies to get the best value out of you points. Only 1000 points for a free movie whether it's in 3D, IMAX or normal.
  • The food is fast food quality. And the seating arrangements are strange... No tables and they all face the same way. Then they turn off the lights an it gets loud - impossible to enjoy the meal.
  • Twilight 3 (breaking dawn pt 1) is painstakingly slow for the first half and then it feels like FINALLY the movie begins and the action starts. E njoy!
  • WTF, no more New York Fries!
  • Tuesday half price update: Movie are now $6.99 (incl tax) in Tuesday. Add $3 more for 3D movies. Add $6 for IMAX.
  • Favorite Theater in BC. Pretty big...
  • phasing out box office cashiers, so buy your ticket on the app/online and use mobile order!! more user friendly
  • Get some TCBY for a cold treat.
  • POUTINE from New York Fries!
  • Get a scene card- like a save on more card and save 10% on concession food
  • Yogi Bear represent! Hey hey BooBoo!
  • Spider man
  • It's a huge theatre. I usually like to go here, even if am not close by.
  • Great IMAX theatre - worth it getting extra butter in the middle of your popcorn
  • I always go there to watch movies!! Love of yummy snacks and food!!
  • Very grand entrance but always very busy

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