Silver Bullet

Theme Park
8039 Beach Blvd (Ghost Town @ Knott's Berry Farm)
Buena Park, CA 90620


  • My personal favorite roller coaster at @knotts - wait a little longer to sit in the front row and take your shoes off. It's worth it!
  • Sit in front. Trust me it's worth the wait!!! Oi!!!
  • Not sure you wanna go on?? Here's a preview from the front row:
  • Front Row is the only place to sit.
  • Come on guys, obviously the middle is the best
  • Nice modern coaster. Worth whatever the wait is.
  • The ride is not as bad as it looks, really long line though during the summer
  • Tons of fun, relax your legs and roll with it!
  • Incredibly smooth. Like Batman but shorter. The front row is worth it.
  • Buy season tic's, it's well worth it :)
  • Shop Michael Antonio shoes
  • Remember to do the hic technique during the spin....or don't
  • My favorite part is the double helix
  • Everyone knows the front of the back but not the middle is the best. Worth the wait
  • Sing "I like to move it"
  • It's an inversion ride so if you get sick from those then avoid this one. Ugh.
  • Trust me, the middle sucks!
  • Sit in the front for the most thrilling ride!
  • sitting in the front is REALLY worth the wait
  • one of my favorite rides at knotts. it just gets you dizzy. definitely looking forward to riding it again

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