Shu Uemura Goes Magical For The Holidays


We do not have to tell you the best part about Christmas—aside from the general gift-giving, family and turkey dinners—it’s all about the holiday beauty collections. As soon as Halloween is over (or even before in this case) then BAM, stores are hit with holiday mayhem that starts in the candy cane aisle, moves over to toys, passes those horrid Christmas sweaters and lands smack dab in the middle of the beauty counter. This means boxed sets, exclusive palettes, collaborations and holiday themed collections that make you want to clean out your beauty drawer and restock it with all these glittery, must-have pieces.

Beauty favorite Shu Uemura have released their holiday collection early (yay!) and it's filled with fun, youthful pieces perfect for anyone who’s under the age of 40—or is a young pop princess at heart. The new holiday line is a collaboration with Japanese artist Takeshi Murakami and his upcoming T.V. animation 6 Heart Princess, based off the idea of anime “Majokko” or magical princess, a common theme in Japanese cartoons. The show tells the story of six good magical princesses attempting to destroy one evil princess; this idea of good vs. evil, light vs. dark, plays directly on the collection itself. The Pink Princess (one of the good six) and the Black Princess are each represented in their own color palette.


In a collection ranging from the iconic eyelash curler to face wash to lip gloss, it covers a whole spectrum of products. The heart of the collection is the eye and cheek palette in Enchanted Black and Heart-Full Pink, with deep plum and glittery pink shades respectively. And while we’d love to get our hands on the palettes and Shu’s Princess Fun-Tasy Mini Brush Set (because nothing’s better than limited-edition brush sets), those false lashes are catching our eye. Pink lashes with heart-shaped adornments? Lashes with feathers, gold sequins and purple rings? Sounds like we’ve got a winner for New Year’s Eve. And since the holidays are right around the corner these pieces are perfect for a gift—or you know—yourself.

The Holiday 2013 Collection-6 Heart Princess by Takashi Murakami for Shu Uemura is available online now and is priced from $24-$77.