Shu Jiao Fu Zhou Cuisine 潭頭王福州小吃 (Shu Jiao Fu Zhou Cuisine)

Row 1

118 Eldridge St (at Broome St)
New York, NY 10002
(212) 343-3905

Foursquare Tips

  • Order the huge plate of thick peanut butter noddles that will stick to your taste buds after every bite!
  • The boiled dumplings are great, but the rice balls with beef ($3) are the real star here. Deliciously soft and sticky, they may remind you of mochi... until you get a bite of that marinated beef.
  • 2$ small fish balls + 2$ noodle = my lunch (total 4$). And... I feel so full after that.
  • Is there a line at Vanessa's? That's okay. You should have come here first anyway. A table full of fish balls, pork balls, and steamed dumplings will cost you next to nothing, and give you everything.
  • All the white hipsters go to Vanessa's. All the Chinese peeps who know the real deal with 1/10th of a price come here.
  • Great place for dumplings, simple Fu Zhou noodle soups, and the best Fu Zhou fish ball in C-town!
  • The pork and chive dumplings alongside the wheat noodles with peanut butter sauce (#05) are the staple dishes of this place. Place looks a little dodgy but worth it.
  • Best steamed dumplings in Manhattan, and the only place where I can find (1/2 lb of peanut soy sauce noodles for $2). The veg-to-meat ratio and wrapper consistency is so spot-on it's scary.
  • must try their homemade dumplings and wheat noodles in peanut sauce! love their wonton soup too - it's not your typical Chinese takeout type. Much thinner wrap and light soup base. see if you like it!
  • Peanut butter noodles for two dollars!
  • Great boiled dumplings that are inexpensive
  • Gem of the block. And they don't water down their sriracha like everyone else.
  • Really cheap Fuzhou-style wonton soup features dozens of whispy, tiny wontons in a celery and scallion-flavored broth.
  • Wheat noodles with peanut sauce. Yum. So cheap
  • Dumplings and pork ball soup
  • Mix thr peanut sauce noodles when you first get them. But even if you don't, the nice lady will teach you :)
  • I introduced they mayor to this place. I have to start checking in and reclaim my position
  • Best Peanut noodles and dumplings!
  • Best dumplings in lower Manhattan. Get the pork and chive: 6 for $2.50 or 10 for $3.50
  • peanut noodles & steamed dumplings FTW!