Showcase SuperLux

Row 1

55 Boylston St
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
(800) 315-4000

Foursquare Tips

  • Feel like you're at home
  • You don't even smell the popcorn or see a big marquee at this theater and I'm not complaining! Tickets are $20 for Lite Lux and $28 for the upgrade with free popcorn. It's a luxury experience!
  • The perfect movie theater experience. Until you've done SuperLux, you don't know luxury. Huge electric reclining leather seats, your own waiter and great food & drink. Pay the extra $$$. Worth it!
  • Go Super Lux for unlimited popcorn and recliners. It's like 1st Class compared to Business Class.
  • Superlux is amazing!
  • Amazing place to go see a movie. Sure you pay a premium for the experience but it's a good indulgence every once in a while.
  • The ultimate lazy experience. You get to dine while you watch your movie. You seriously never have to get up from your chair. With a touch of a button, you are offered great service but mediocre food.
  • I'm relaxed as soon as I'm here. Love it. SuperLux - 1st class for movie going, totally worth the upgrade price!!
  • Enhance your movie theatre experience with SuperLux. Enjoy a signature cocktail designed by the mixologist, a plush leather recliner, and a concierge service.
  • Service needs some work. Seemed like one waiter did all the work while the others stood around. Mixed drinks come out quicker than beer (who knew?!) Buffalo chicken spring rolls are awesome.
  • Not worth the price of admission. You'll hear people eat and drinks during your movie. It sucks. And waiters will have to walk by you to bring food and drinks to patrons.
  • The space is beautiful and the service is good, but it should be great for the prices they charge.
  • superlux... there is no other way to watch a movie
  • Honestly the best place I've ever been to watch a movie. Reclining chairs are outrageously comfortable. Best feature is wait service with full service bar beer and wine.
  • Swankiest cinema in Boston area. You can literally order a 5 course meal from the worlds comfiest sofa chair. Beware: you might not be able to go back to old fashioned movie theaters!
  • good seats, very slow service, small plates.
  • What an amazing movie experience. You are given iPads to see the menu, which includes a wide variety of beer, wine, and cocktails. The food is really good! And also there's unlimited popcorn.
  • This place is amazing, from the bar and lounge as well as a restaurant outside to the luxurious movie experience. Worth the price.
  • The only bathrooms are past the ticket guy across from theatre 6. If you have to go, don't leave after your movie.
  • I never want to leave this place!!