Shopper Horrified by Chicken Foot Packaged with Chicken Breast

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A Safeway shopper was disgusted when she saw a single chicken foot in a package of chicken breasts
Chicken Feet in Packaged Chicken | Shopping

A woman found a chicken foot in a package of chicken breasts.

Newsflash: Chicken have feet. But apparently, an Arizona shopper was so shocked by seeing a chicken foot in a package of chicken breast, she had to tweet about it.

Twitter user @liiindseyyy412 snapped a photo and tweeted, "Hey, @Safeway, does this look like 'chicken breast' to you? I'm vomiting." She later gave a statement to NewsBreaker, saying, "I came across [the foot] when I was shopping for dinner at Safeway. My initial reaction was shock, of course, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was disgusting."

She then tweeted the photo to Safeway, who responded immediately, saying they would contact the store. "I contacted the manager when I went back shortly after to see if it was still there, and because it was, I went to the customer service desk for the manager. The woman there said he was busy on the floor, asked what she could do to help. I told her what I saw and left the store. The woman asked me which part of the meat section it was located in so they could find it. I asked the man near me to look at it and agreed that it was disgusting."

But of course, chicken feet themselves aren't necessarily disgusting; they're often devoured by dim sum fanatics and used in stocks. "They sell chicken feet, hearts, gizzards, necks. All of it. Most of the Central and South American cultures cook with it. I can see how something like this would've happened, but wow, her response was just ridiculous," one Facebook user wrote.

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Although it might not be correct to sell a chicken foot packaged with chicken breasts, most social media users found that it's not disgusting, just a mistake. "I wonder if she knows what chicken breast really is and that it's not just a lump of meat running around the barn," one Facebook user said. In the meantime, Safeway promised NewsBreaker they will respond with a thorough investigation.