Shida Night Market (師大夜市)

Night Market, Street Food Gathering
師大路 & 龍泉街
台北市, 106


  • The old dude by Wellcome mart towards the end of Shida Rd. (near the MRT station) makes the best grilled corns in the city.
  • The trendiest night market in taipei.
  • Mostly full of chick-style venues. You can't beat the braised and fried restaurants here. Walking through these markets on the weekend is worse than walking through New York.
  • Try hot potato cheese (malingsu)
  • There is a restaurant here that has the best stinky tofu in all of Taiwan! Also make sure to get the juice.
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  • Good food, but pretty dead on a Monday night. The best is the pineapple bun with condensed milk filling. Some really cute clothing shops line the night market as well.
  • My favorites are definitely grilled corn and the hot cheese potato! There are more but I've narrowed down to these 2 as my all time fav
  • Lantern Lu Wei () vendor; Lantern soy sauce braised food ()
  • Girls, be ready to lose your minds and all the money, that's a paradise!
  • There was this warm bun thing with cold butter that melts in your mouth.
  • One of the best night markets in Taipei.
  • There are many tiny clothes stores to explore.
  • A lots of local snack food and a lots of shopping area. Good place to go if u are in Taipei
  • One of my favorites, maybe cause it was nearest, lots of food choices. Take MRT (Red/green line) to Guting Station and follow signs.
  • If you want to fit in, wear your Chuck Taylor All Stars.

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