Gas Station, Convenience Store
1201 W 4th St
Adel, GA 31620
(229) 549-6744


  • Bathrooms don't look visibly dirty buy the stall smell HORRIBLE!!!
  • Wayy too southern for my liking!
  • Cleanest restrooms in a gas station ever!
  • I try to avoid places like this. Broken urinal and 5 cents extra for gas on credit? Come on.
  • Possibly the slowest McDonalds on earth.
  • Seriously, go to a different one. Very old and dirty.
  • Busy and dirty
  • All the fountain drinks were out.
  • Slow. I didn't order anything hot and it took forever. People who ordered after me got their food before two mcflurries and and iced coffee. Boo on service.
  • And freezing cold chicken nuggets...
  • The only reason we pulled over at this stop was because of a sign on the highway that read, "Coffee only $0.25!". This was false and we waited 20 min for 2 full priced coffees and an apple pie.

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