Row 1

9600 N 30th St (at Stanleyville in Busch Gardens)
Tampa, FL 33612

Foursquare Tips

  • This coaster plunges 200 feet at a completely vertical 90 degrees. You're dropped out of a building. You feel like you're taking off feet-first into the world. --Bert Kreischer, Bert the Conqueror
  • Love this ride... 70 mile an hour 90 degree descent!
  • I love the back row. You get pulled over the edge. Such a better feeling.
  • After a 200 foot climb, this coaster takes you over the edge of a true 90-degree drop. And stops. For 4 seconds, you find yourself looking down at the ground below as you're held suspended above it.
  • ride in the front row in the far left or far right seat - there's no track beneath you, only grass
  • Don't treat the workers like they are a piece of crap
  • La mejor de todo busch gardens... Y aun mejor en la primera fila
  • Watch the bystanders get soaked. It's fun to watch.
  • The front row kicked ass,there is nothing like it.
  • pay attention at the hang over and look straight down at the track and you can see it swaying!
  • The first drop is brutal, but you can do it!
  • The best rollercoaster of Busch Gardens
  • Awesome roller coaster! The drop is addicting, you'll want to go back over and over again!
  • Not bumpy very smooth
  • Awesome ride in the front or in the back. 2 totally different feelings.
  • Put your hair in poney tail!!!
  • Well worth the wait!! Absolutely sick ride.........
  • Don't have your cell phone out when you're getting on the ride. Staff won't let u put it in ur pocket & will make u out it in a locker if they see it.
  • Try to be in the first row, worth it!
  • Wait for the front row... It's worth it!