Sheena Sujan Handbags Offer Simple Timeless Luxury


Newly launched brand Sheena Sujan, announced the release of its first collection this September in Los Angeles, meaning one major things for all the shoppers out there—more bags! Yes, we love snatching up the latest fashions because they're so popular and of-the-moment, but there's something delicious about adding timeless key pieces into your closet. The Barclay Collection holds both classic luxury and a little modernity with traditional shapes and contemporary colors. Sure, you want something that could last you years, but instead of a basic black leather handbag why not try a deep plum or burnt orange?
Personally, we're partial to red, but that's because you can never go wrong with a bold crimson bag on your arm. The selection of colors is amazing, not simply for the hues themselves (if we hunted we could probably find a few cute yellow bags), but that these colors come in covetable, luxury handbags. It's the simplicity of the bag blended with the bright shades that make this bag special.
The handbags are made of 100% leather; constructed in Italy by master artisans, each piece is cut by hand and then hand-stitched together. Creative Director and Designer, Sheena Sujan personally sketches each piece, then decides on color and material before beginning construction. During the process she works closely with craftsmen to ensure the quality of her luxury bags. "It took over two years to perfect the design, find the right artisans to bring the vision to life, and create handbags that would stand the test of time," Sujan explains.
While the bags are fantastic in their timeless shape and modern color, it's the customer service of the company that will most likely keep you coming back for more. Just in case you (and 200 other fans), all fall in love with the butter yellow totes, there's an easy way to get on the waitlist through their website. Even better? There is an invitation only service that will allow you to pick, choose and buy your new favorite colors and styles before anyone else has a chance to grab them.
Sheena Sujan handbags and accessories are available online and priced from $9,600-$25,000.