Shave Your Own White Truffles at SD26

Join Tony May, Marissa May, and La Querciola Wines in celebrating white truffle season with a multicourse dinner

On Nov. 15, Tony and Marissa May of SD26, along with chef Matteo Bergamini and Signore Gianni Sardo of La Querciola Winery will host a dinner celebrating white truffles paired with wines from the heart of Barolo territory, including La Querciola’s barolos, nebbiolos, dolcettos, and barberas. Diners will even get to meet Sandrino Romanelli, a bona fide truffle hunter, who’ll be on hand to speak about the history and lore behind hunting one of the world’s most expensive ingredients. The best part? Guests will be encouraged to shave the prized fungi onto dishes like fried egg with toma cheese fondue, ravioli del plin, and fillet of beef with foie gras. There’s even white truffle gelato for dessert.

Of the collaboration between the Mays and La Querciola, Tony May notes, "I have known Gianni Sardo and his son Marcello for many years. I met Gianni sometime around 1997 at one of my yearly white truffle hunting trips in the Langhe Territory of Piedmont. Gianni had always produced wine for his family and friends, but that year he decided to produce wine for the consumer. I had always liked his wines and eventually I included La Querciola wines on my San Domenico wine list. They have been on the SD26 wine list since we opened." This year, however, marks the first time that La Querciola wines will be incorporated into the white truffle dinner.


The price of admission is $275 per person without tax or tip. Sure, it’s a wallet-buster, but how often do restaurants allow you to shave your own truffles?