China Celebrates WWII with Ice Cream Shaped Like War Criminal’s Head

Shanghai company is 3-D printing ice cream to look like General Hideki Tojo

A Shanghai ice cream company is producing frozen treats shaped like the head of WWII-era Japanese military leader General Hideki Tojo.

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, a State-owned ice cream company in Shanghai has started producing ice cream treats designed to look like the head of Japanese military leader and war criminal General Hideki Tojo.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the ice cream heads are 3-D printed to resemble Tojo, who was prime minister of Japan for most of World War II. Tojo was executed in 1948 and is enshrined in Japan’s controversial Yasukuni Shrine.

Posters for the ice cream heads were spotted around Shanghai, where they exhorted customers to “Never Forget the National Tooth,” which is a pun on “Never Forget the National Humiliation,” a nationalistic rallying cry against the actions of foreign powers in China during WWII.

Photos of the ice cream heads have been circulating on Chinese social media. The heads are reportedly being produced by Iceason, a subsidiary of Bright Foods, which is Shanghai’s largest dairy company and the company behind the famous White Rabbit chewy candies.


Iceason ventured into 3-D-printed ice cream heads before when it produced ice cream pops that looked like Korean rapper Psy and Apple founder Steve Jobs.