Shake Shack Opening in Moscow this Winter

The franchise that just can’t seem to stop growing will be opening in Moscow

Shake Shack has made its way to Moscow, Russia with a new store opening at the end of the year.

Who would have thought that the little hot dog stand known as Shake Shack would turn into an international franchise? With locations in six U.S. states and five countries, a new Shake Shack is coming to Moscow, Russia at the end of 2013, as reported by The Moscow Times.

The store will be located in the heart of Moscow on Arbat Street. Delicus, a new company, will be the local operator and has already posted a job listing.

In addition to the traditional menu of burgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, wine, and beer, there be “custom dishes made to ‘cater to Russian tastes and traditions,’” as said by a company spokesperson.

Different than the traditional logo, Moscow’s Shake Shack logo has 3 ballerinas on top for each of the burgers, representing Russia’s well-known ballet culture


A company spokesman told the newspaper, "At the moment, we are excited and happy to open Shake Shack in Moscow and we plan on focusing on growth and development."