Self-Heating Food on the Rise, and More News

In today's Media Mix, the new McDonald's CEO causes a stir, plus store brands take over

The Daily Meal's Media Mix brings you the biggest news around the food world.

Food Executive Pleads Guilty: A California food executive has plead guilty to bribing food managers at major corporations, like Kraft and Frito-Lay, to buy his tomatoes and then gauged prices. [Washington Post]

Where's the Archer Farms? : In-store brands, like Target's Archer Farms, have created competition for pricier premium foods. [USA Today]

American Food Prices Hit All-Time Low: In 1929, Americans paid nearly 30 percent of their disposable income for food; today, it's a mere 5.5 percent. What does that mean for the food economy? [Treehugger]

No Need for Microwaves: The newest commodity on the market: self-heating cans and foods. HotCan, one of the major names in the market, says it will be "the next Red Bull." [Guardian]

How Will McDonald's New CEO Change Things?: Don Thompson, set to take the reins in July, will be the company's first black CEO in its history. Now, many wonder the impact he'll have on the African-American community in terms of healthy food initiatives. [Black Enterprise]