Selena Gomez Eats Paint Swatches in '50 Shades of Blue'

In a Funny or Die parody of the cult best-seller '50 Shades of Grey,' Gomez gets creepy

He's no Justin Bieber, but Carl the painter is making Selena Gomez all hot and bothered. 

This spoof on 50 Shades of Grey, the huge best-seller that's reingniting the flame in couples everywhere, tells the story of Gomez and her obsession with a not-so-Christian Grey look-alike.

Sloppy, disheveled, and downright gross, Carl goes about his job painting her house while Gomez watches him, takes photos, and even gets lost in thought and eats paint swatches. The real Christian Grey would stand for none of this, especially her lip-biting and paint-eating, but Carl was just a little bit scared and seemed unfazed by Gomez and her cat-smelling house: 

"His eyes were staring deep into mine; I could feel my cheeks getting flushed," she muses in the video, while her overalls-clad crush coughs and comments on how her house smells like cat food. "I hope he didn't notice." 

We're pretty sure that Gomez can find a better obsession in her boyfriend, Bieber. Forget painting, he's got moves, and no paint swatch eating here — it's jet-setting and dining for these two. 


Check out '50 Shades of Blue':