The Secret To Maximizing Your Digestion

From by Rachel DeSimone
The Secret To Maximizing Your Digestion

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It’s morning, you are groggy and reaching for your regular cup of coffee. STOP! Before you dive into that cup of coffee or pour a bowl of cereal, take a few extra moments to start your day and digestive system on the right track. This simple routine will have you feeling awesome to start your day.

About three years ago, after reading the Beauty Detox Solution, I decided to transform how I started my day and how I ate in general. This transformation has had a significant effect on the health of my digestive system and myself overall! This secret that I am going to share is one of the ways I have transformed my eating habits.

I like to refer to this as “the process.” This is like hitting the restart button every morning for me. I start each and every day with this sequence, whether I am home, staying at someone’s house or in a hotel, I make it work!

1. Drink a glass of hot/warm lemon water (does not have to be boiling). The lemon alkalizes your system, fighting any acidic build up you might have from the day before or in general and supports your liver, while the warm water is gentile on your digestive tract as the first thing you ingest.


Photo by Phoebe Melnick

2. Drink 8oz. of room temperature water with a probiotic. Probiotics put good bacteria back in your body and help to protect your gut. These can also be found in yogurt, but for the sake of “the process” a probiotic in pill form every morning is a good habit to be in. Note: I like Jarrow Formulas probiotics.


Photo by Phoebe Melnick

3. Eat something raw, preferably an apple. (And apple cinnamon pop-tarts don’t count). It is important to eat something raw before eating other foods, especially in the morning when we are setting up for our whole day. The raw fruit or vegetable allows you to more easily digest other more complex foods you will eat following it. (Note: this is a good practice to follow throughout your meals all day).

Then you can continue on eating/drinking whatever you would in the morning. Tip: heat the water first thing when you get up in the morning and do “the process” as you are doing your morning routine and getting ready, this way you do not have to set aside any extra time to implement it into your daily schedule!

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