The Season of Giving: Bill & Melinda Gates Discuss Charity Work in TED Talks

The Season of Giving: Bill & Melinda Gates Discuss Charity Work in TED Talks

Just in case you missed it earlier this year, we felt the season warranted a quick look back at a TED Talk hosted a few months ago featuring two of the world’s biggest philanthropists. Bill and Melinda Gates offered some insight about giving away their wealth and the causes they strive to help—just in case you needed an extra little motivator to get out and give this year. It can be tough with all of the stresses of planning, running around for gifts, travel and family dynamics that can easily overtake the season. And it is very easy to forget that this is actually the worst part of the year for many.

For Bill and Melinda, philanthropy is a passion that they share strongly; it certainly is not tied to the holiday season. They speak in depth about how giving is generally an important part of their lives. While both want to drive education, here and in impoverished countries, they each have their own passions—Bill is set on lowering children’s mortality rates while Melinda hopes to find a way to supply contraceptives for women who are unable to access them. While tackling enormous issues like those are certainly something to strive for, if everyone just did a little it would amount to a lot, right? Do some research, find a cause that speaks to you and find out which charities are doing the most with your generosity. Or simply donate your time, energy, service, whatever.

Whether donating to a major cause on another continent or simply helping out at your local soup kitchen, your generosity can make a huge difference to someone in need during the holiday season, not to mention the fact that it's incredibly rewarding on a personal level. But if you really need a bit more of a reason to give this season, just watch the video, the couple's enthusiasm and passion are hard to resist. You may even find yourself donating year-round. And that would be a gift that keeps giving.

Did Bill and Melinda strike a chord with you? Make a donation to the Gates Foundation.

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