In Season: Fava Beans

Spring is an exciting time of year, and just when people think that after getting buried in mountains of asparagus, artichokes, spring onions, ramps, and fiddlehead ferns, the harvest couldn't possibly yield more goodies, along come fava beans.

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This ancient bean, also known as the broad bean or field bean, was a staple of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine long before it became the trendy and almost fetishized object of desire for chefs and adventurous cooks today.

Their refreshing, clean flavor and distinct aroma capture the essence of spring in much the same way as asparagus does, which makes them ideal for simple preparations like blanching, sautéing, and puréeing. For more tips on how to select fava beans, click here to see What Is... a Fava Bean?

The best beans, though, crop up early in the season, and so there's no time to waste. Make a trip to the nearest farmers' market with haste and try these recipes soon.

Will Budiaman is the Recipe Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow him on Twitter @WillBudiaman.