Seal Rocks

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Coast Blvd
San Diego, CA 92037


  • Lazy seals makes you think they're dead! LoL
  • There were about 10 seals on the rock until these two asshats came to town. When you walk up and they all pile into the water, it means they're afraid of your dumb ass. Don't keep walking toward them.
  • Excellent people watching along the sidewalk and cafes!
  • Dont go on the sand, it makes the seals run and they dont come back! ): they get scared and then there are probably sharks waiting!
  • Watch out for the seals, they'll get ya!
  • The seal are lying less than 100 ft away!
  • Don't hassle the seals unless you like getting tasered by the 5-0... True story.
  • Step away from the seals please! So, little kid in the red "Portland" shirt, and asian lady, give the seals space!
  • Can't miss this sight if you're in or around La Jolla. Was built originally as a children's protected swimming area and the seals took it over.
  • Seal Island is breathtaking! The sunsets are so beautiful. If you are tempted to get out on a boat, use GetMyBoat! And don't forget to be friendly around the seals!
  • Amazing place , " don't miss it "
  • Ready? 1...2...3... AWWWWWWW
  • Relax, nobody is gonna hurt the seals. They are happy
  • No hay letreros que digan q no te puedes acercar a las focas!
  • You can literally walk up to wild seals. Must see/ must do
  • Great place for family and dates
  • awesome Place
  • Also called The Children's Pool, it's where the seals come to hang out.
  • A must stop in San Diego area
  • Seals are cute, but this beach smells quite a bit, go when it's windy- wind helps

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