Seafood Recipes To Try From Garlic & Zest

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Seafood Recipes To Try From Garlic & Zest

If you’ve been following along on the blog lately you know we’ve been devouring seafood at our house this summer. Living in South Florida we have a rich abundance of amazing local fish at amazing prices.  It’s healthy, quick + easy to make and our kids love to eat it too!

I was so excited when I recently received a message regarding my Grilled Octopus {Pulpo} Taco recipe. The message came from Lisa Lotts who has been grilling tons of seafood as well lately. 

It turns out Lisa is also a South Florida based blogger, she shares some amazing recipes on her blog, Garlic & Zest. She’s a home-cook who creates recipes ranging from Southern comfort food classics to French and Caribbean inspired. 

I love chatting with locals who share the same passion in food as I do. Lisa was kind enough to allow me to share some of her recipes on CCK and here are a few that I think you need to try ASAP!

Seafood Recipes To Try From Garlic & Zest

accras de morue

Photo + recipe courtesy of Lisa Lotts |


Anything fried is usually a good thing; these Accras de Morue – which are cod fish fritters remind me of my childhood. Lisa’s grandparents immigrated from Martinique and while my family isn’t from that area {we’re from Puerto Rico} we share a very similar food history. I grew up eating bacalaitos which I guess you can describe as the very close cousin to Accras de Morue. The French West Indie version offers some heat from the Scotch Bonnet peppers that are added and the fritters are scooped out and round like a dumpling. This is comfort food at it’s best and a taste of the Caribbean without having to shell out money for a plane ticket!

Get the recipe here >>


Pan Seared Scallops Over Mash

Recipe + photo courtesy of Lisa Lotts |


Will and I had a rare date night the other night. We headed to Juno Beach Fish House which is an ultra low-key local spot we love going to {we normally go with the kids}. There is nothing fancy about this place the reason we go so often is because the seafood is fresh and brilliantly simple. Every single time we go we order the same thing, they’re pan seared scallops with garlic mash.  I love pan seared scallops – again something so simple but feels so decadent. Lisa has an amazing recipe for pan seared scallops on her blog. The mash is a mix of parsnips and rutabaga and her scallops are paired with a beautiful herb dressing.

Get the recipe here >> 


Recipe + photo courtesy of Lisa Lots |

Recipe + photo courtesy of Lisa Lots |


Nothing screams summer quite like fresh crab + sweet corn and I LOVE this crab salad recipe Lisa has on her blog. It’s light + refreshing {she suggest serving it cold} instead of a heavy mayonnaise base  – it’s a beautiful herb dressing that simply dresses the summer ingredients. I love the versatility of this dish you can eat it alone or make an entree by using it to fill a pineapple boat, avocado or even with fresh mangoes. The possibilities are endlessly delicious!

Get the recipe here >>


Lisa Lots of

Lisa calls South Florida home, she enjoys using fresh, seasonal ingredients to make tasty and satisfying dishes. Garlic And Zest is where she shares recipes ranging from southern comfort foods to traditional French and Caribbean inspired dishes.

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