Screw 'Going Out' Clothes, Designers Are Now Designing Your Hangover Clothes

One British designer's campaign for 'weekend' clothes, aka 'morning-after' outfits

You can eat your hangover breakfast while comfortably dressed. 

Obviously, if you're going to be drinking Bloody Marys, eating brunch, and doing whatever possible to cure your hangover on a Sunday morning, you better look darn good doing it. Hence the launch of "weekend" or "morning-after" clothes from designers. 

The Cut points out a new capsule collection from British "model-turned-writer and cookbook author" Sophie Dahl, for the cashmere brand Brora. It's called "The Lost Weekend," fittingly, and it's a collection of some cozy outfits to get you through your pounding headache. Said Dahl to British Vogue about the collection: "I imagined it as the-morning-after-the night-before — a woman on an island after a party, walking home with her shoes in her hands... Everything around her quite wild and undone, but she's wearing these quintessentially British-feeling color tones and patterns. The picture in my head was one of rainy English summers and festivals, being tarted-up and having your makeup running everywhere — that kind of vibe." So, you know, be sure to be shopping for chic looks to wear after you roll out of bed on Sunday — we think that our hangovers tend to look a bit more like the original Hangover movie rather than "tarted-up."