Scientists Discover Cure for Pizza Mouth Burns

Dissolving strips soothe mouth burns from hot food and beverages
Wikimedia/Lenin and McCarthy

There’s nothing quite like a slice of hot pizza to test a person’s resolve. It’s steaming and cheesy and right there, but do you wait for it to cool down or dive right in? Everyone occasionally takes the mouth-searing bite and regrets it, but now science has come to the rescue with a dissolving strip that soothes mouth burns on contact.

Researchers from the University of New Mexico and the University of Texas at Austin designed the strips in the style of those dissolving breath freshener tabs, but these deliver an anesthetic to numb the pain and a therapeutic polymer to help heal the burn, according to Discovery.

“We found these strips to be non-toxic, which has huge potential for anyone who burns their mouth while eating and drinking hot foods -- and that's just about everyone,” said lead researcher Jason McConville in a press release.

The scientists say they are also working on a longer-lasting version for more severe burns, and the strips have still not been tested on humans, so that’s next on the to-do list. But with any luck, those of us with impulse control issues will soon have nothing to fear from coffee, soup, or microwave burritos.

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