Scientists Create Alcohol From Coffee

This might just revolutionize the boozy brunch scene; Science magazine reports that scientists have discovered how to ferment alcohol from used coffee grounds, 

Researchers published a study in the journal LWT – Food Science and Technology, noting the process to create a new alcoholic beverage with 40 percent ethanol from used coffee grounds. Scientists collected used coffee grounds from a Portuguese coffee roaster, dried them out, and then heated the coffee ground powder with water for 45 minutes at 325 degrees F. 

After the water soaked up all the coffee particles, the scientists strained out the liquid, adding sugar and yeast cells to let it all ferment. The liquid was then concentrated to up the alcohol content.

The resulting concoction was served to eight tasters, who identified coffee as the primary aroma. The drink itself left a "bitter and pungent taste," tasters reportedly noted. 

Researchers plan on aging the mixture even more to alter the coffee-booze flavor, which makes us wonder if using fresh coffee grounds would affect the flavor. Unfortunately for caffeine junkies, once alcohol is produced, the coffee loses its caffeine. So you might just have to stick with spiking your coffee with Kahlua.