Science Figures Out Why Guys Eat Fewer Vegetables

Psychologists investigate planned behavior and eating habits

Men are less likely than women to eat their vegetables, and a recent study may have finally figured out why.

According to the study, men were less positive about fruits and vegetables in general, and they did not tend to believe in the health benefits of fruits and vegetables as much as the surveyed women did.

“Men don’t believe as strongly as women that fruit and vegetable consumption is an important part of maintaining health,” said researcher John A. Updegraff of Kent State University.

The research goes along with the theory of planned behavior, which predicts behavior based on attitude and perception of control. In addition to showing that men on average had a less positive attitude towards vegetables, the study also revealed that men felt less control over their ability to eat them. According to My Health News Daily, the study showed that men reported a lack of confidence in their ability to eat healthful foods, especially when they were tired, hungry, or around people eating junk food.

According to Updegraff, the study hints at possible ways to get guys to eat more vegetables.

“What might work best is teaching men ways to take control over their fruit and vegetable consumption,” he said.

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