Sci-Fi Spacegear For Stunning New Strands


You're probably looking at this image slightly confused wondering what on earth this space-age, Star Trek-esque headgear has to do with fashion and beauty. Don't worry, I was too. At first glance I thought maybe a high-tech bike helmet, or at the very least some new video game accessory that I would never understand, but would undoubtedly land on my boyfriend's wish list come Christmas. Turns out it's neither. It's actually a hair-rejuvenator. Remember that snazzy machine Jane Jetson used to get ready every morning? It's not quite as cool as that, but at least we're moving in the right direction. This hands free device actually uses photo-biostimulation therapy to help grow hair using the same process as medical professionals. Using low level laser therapy (say that five times fast), it penetrates into the cells of hair follicles and provides the stimulation needed for them to grow. With 21 built-in lasers and 30 LEDs producing a 665m wavelength, the mini light show is "the optimal wavelength used...for increased cellular activity." Programmed with its own beauty regimen, this device has five 20-25 minutes programs set so you can easily get started on your way to long flowing locks. While the headphones are a fancy touch, they're basically there so you can listen to Rapunzel on audiobook while working on your new do—or music, your choice really. Complete with automatic shut off, this fancy piece of equipment might seem like it's out of science fiction, but really it's just your favorite new beauty tool.

Available online at Hammacher Schlemmer.