Scepter Holdings Inc. Signs LOI to Acquire F3 Innovations, LLC/DBA Intensity Nutrition

Scepter Holdings, Inc.

CHICAGO, October 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Scepter Holdings, Inc. (OTC: BRZL), Scepter Holdings, Inc. is pleased to announce, following last week's appointment of Mr. Leonard Armenta as CEO and President, the signing of an LOI to acquire F3 Innovations/DBA Intensity Nutrition and all its assets.

Scepter Holdings, and its newly appointed CEO and President, Mr. Leonard Armenta, have put in motion the desire to acquire F3 Innovations/DBA Intensity Nutrition by taking the first step in signing a LOI, which after due diligence will be followed by a Definitive agreement and furthermore a symbol and name change to make this acquisition possible. Mr. Armenta believes an agreement can be reached within the next week

F3 Innovations, DBA Intensity Nutrition which was founded and developed in 2012, is now becoming an up and coming Sports Nutrition brand that was originally founded by a former Navy Seal to make products for Navy Seals, Elite Athlete's and Fitness Enthusiast.  

Mr. Armenta has been instrumental in building the line of products with the founder to make a product that would be safe and add value to Navy Seals, bring the power, fuel and sustainability needs for Extreme Athlete training, to providing the simple needs of the everyday gym user.  After the founder retired from Intensity Nutrition it made sense for Leonard to acquire the Intensity Nutrition brand and its assets.  

After coming on board as CEO of Scepter Holdings Inc., Mr. Armenta felt it would bring great shareholder value to acquire F3 Innovations, LLC/DBA Intensity Nutrition. Mr. Armenta is an expert in the Sports Nutrition industry with many years of knowledge of running all aspects of a company.  He was very instrumental in the growth of MusclePharm (MSLP) from concept to a major Player as well as the growth of many other companies in the Sports Nutrition Industry.  "I am very excited to bring this brand into the Scepter Holding portfolio. Aligning these two companies together will allow Intensity Nutrition to take the next step in it's growth phase all while bringing great value to the shareholders of BRZL/Scepter Holdings Inc. and give the Shareholders something to be excited about again.

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Contact: Leonard K Armenta Jr, +1-303-953-2211

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