Say Hello To a Better Night’s Rest With the Sense Sleep Tracker


There are few better feelings than waking up well-rested and ready to take on the world. Unfortunately, that euphoria doesn’t happen regularly for most people (read: alarm clocks suck). Thankfully Hello has created a “sleeping pill” called Sense that not only promises a better night’s rest, but also tracks your sleep behavior and the environment of your room, and will also wake you up at the precise moment that works best for your body. It comes with a little, unobtrusive device that attaches to your pillow to collect data on your behavior and the environment (including noise and light disturbances) as you sleep.Then Sense will wake you up at the opportune time during your sleep cycle. For those who are a little Type-A and love being the best, Sense also gives you a grade after every night’s rest, so you can monitor its effectiveness as it monitors you overnight.