Savory French Cuisine with a Wine List as Long as your Leg – Aperitif Bistro, RVC

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Savory French Cuisine with a Wine List as Long as your Leg – Aperitif Bistro, RVC

butternut squash gnocchi w/ steak tips

Restaurants that tickle your pallet from start to finish are rarely forgotten. Lucky for you, we found one of these places in the heart of Rockville Centre. The next restaurant to tack onto your bucket list is called Aperitif. The food is bangin’; from the butternut squash gnocchi with steak, straight through to the chocolate mousse served up in a martini glass.

It’s unusual when we say that there’s no wrong decision you can make when ordering, but if you want to follow suit, you’ll kick the meal off with the aforementioned Butternut Squash Gnocchi with Steak Tips. Although you won’t find this on the menu, request it; the staff is extremely accommodating and odds are the chef will put it together for you if they have the ingredients. If you swing and miss (or even if you don’t), order the Shrimp & Avocado Tower – hearts of palm, frisee, and a touch of lime vinaigrette should get you going in the right direction.

For your entrée, go with the Petite Filet Mignon Au Poivre. A 6-ounce filet, served with French fries, haricots verts, and succulently French-kissed with a delicious peppercorn sauce. You may be worried this won’t fill you up, but don’t fret, this was all a setup to get you to the desserts.

Dessert is simple; get it all. The Profiteroles are on another level of goodness – French choux pastry balls with an ice cream center. If a doughnut and a Tartufo had relations, this would be the offspring that is produced.
You also want to get that chocolate mousse that we mentioned. It’s so light and decadent; you can accompany it with any other dessert and it’s almost like it didn’t happen.

Rockville Centre is already one of Long Island’s focal-points for restaurants, and Aperitif augments that. Labeled as a French bistro, but living up to much more, this is the perfect setting for a family dinner or date night. With an expansive wine list and an even better cocktail menu, the ‘festivities’ portion of your night is bound to ensue.

Aperitif, RVC = #noBSfood

petitie filet mignon au poivre
fricasse of scallops & shrimp
chocolate mousse
shrimp & avocado tower
gluten free chocolate cake
butternut squash gnocchi w/ steak tips
fricasse of scallops & shrimp