Saturday Night Live Parodies Guy Fieri

Dress rehearsal sketch captures Fieri’s (Bobby Moynihan) reaction to scathing review.

It's the best Guy Fieri reaction you'll see yet.

We were admittedly disappointed on Saturday night when we didn’t see Bobby Moynihan as Guy Fieri featured in the Weekend Update on SNL. After the scathing The New York Times review and subsequent fallout from Fieri’s newest Times Square restaurant, we were sure we’d get a taste of the show’s reaction via hilarious sketch. But Saturday came and went without reward.

Just when we thought all hope for comedic relief was lost, we discovered a video from Saturday’s dress rehearsal with none other than Moynihan portraying Fieri in all his overblown and outraged glory. Moynihan hilariously plays an exuberant Fieri who, not having yet read the review, is unexpectedly upbeat about his restaurant. As Seth Myers hands him the paper, the audience sees Fieri immediately deflate, going from “full throttle” to dejected, saying, “I’ve never felt sicker in my life, Seth. And keep in mind, all I eat is bacon bombs.”

In true SNL form, Fieri bounces back quickly and fires back to The New York Times reviewer. He criticizes the decision to review his restaurant, stating candidly, “I mean, I wear flames on my shirt and I don’t bleach my roots. That doesn’t exactly scream haute cuisine. It screams, ‘Look out, a maniac is about to hit you with a face full of donkey sauce.’”

Finally, parody Fieri reveals his true customers. “My restaurant isn’t in New York, Seth, it’s in Times Square... Trust me, if you just shopped at the M&M store and you’re wearing a foam Statue of Liberty visor, you’re going to find eating my awesome pretzel chicken tenders with a side of dump juice pretty great.”

Why this didn’t make it to the live show is beyond us. This sketch just might be “Fieri” at his finest.  

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