Santa Monica State Beach

Row 1

1432 Palisades Beach Rd (at Colorado Ave.)
Santa Monica, CA 90402
(818) 880-0363

Foursquare Tips

  • I just swam immediately after eating. I feel great.
  • People watch; bring a sketchbook or camera. Feel the sand beneath yer feet. Enjoy the immensity of the sea. Stop by a divey hole in the wall; beer it up. Churro. Rent a cruiser. Ferris wheel it. Relax
  • Make it to the Pacific Ocean at least once in a life time.
  • Longest walk to the water EVER.
  • Soak up the sun on Santa Monica Beach, then window shop at Santa Monica Place.
  • bring sunscreen!!
  • Dig your hand in the wet sand by the water, you'll be sure to catch some Pacific Mole Crabs aka Sand Crabs.
  • Just listen to the ocean and breath the air
  • volleyball fun with beach bums
  • Walk to Venice from here and walk back. You'll have a awesome time just people watching and enjoying the beach view. Smile and say hi to everyone and the merchants will give you a discount
  • nothing beats escaping to the beach
  • Okyanus ve kumla dans etmek konulu mekana ho geldiniz. Tadn karn.
  • It's one of the best places to have your weekend spent on. You'll never regret it. Especially watching the sunset in the shore while your feet is on the beach catching waves. Paradise.
  • Smoke a bowl on the beach
  • The Santa Monica Beach Bike Path extends from Will Rogers State Beach, at its northern terminus, south through Venice and Marina Del Rey to the bridge that crosses Ballona Creek.
  • You often spot dolphins swimming near the shore in summertime. Awesome sight!
  • Free city wide wifi on beach but is a little spotty
  • , Lobster- - ,Bubba Gamp- , , , , California, )))
  • This is a beach shared by locals and tourists where comfortable small rollers can be found. Good place for beginners, just make sure to avoid getting in the way of others.
  • Cruisin ^^