San Diego County May Lessen Rules on Specialty Food & Drink Ventures

Supervisor Diane Jacobs is attempting to make it more affordable for small businesses to open in the area

In an effort to make it easier for small specialty food and drink industries to grow in San Diego, Supervisor Dianne Jacob is calling for a loosening of the restrictions that hinder growth, U-T San Diego is reporting.

This Wednesday, she will ask her colleagues to jettison the need for businesses like microbreweries to get a major-use-permit: a time consuming an expensive process that requires multiple studies to be conducted that would indicate adverse effects on the surrounding area or special design requirements.

The request comes after these restrictions were loosened for boutique wineries in 2010.

The microbrewery industry in San Diego generated $681 million in sales and $300 million in employment wages in 2011.  Should the restrictions be lifted, the artisanal dairy industry would also be affected.


With the microbrewery and artisanal cheese industries as an increasing trend throughout the United States, there is a demand for the services these businesses provide.