Salvage Vanguard Theater

2803 Manor Rd (Walnut and Airport Blvd's)
Austin, TX 78722


  • A theater that features new and experimental productions and music, Salvage Vanguard is an intimate venue with lots of local flavor. Catch a unique show or register for an improv class.
  • Make sure and bring cash for the bar. Wine and beer only.
  • If you get a chance to see a Trouble Puppet show, don't miss it!
  • Fusebox! Under Polaris tonight and tomorrow night 4/29 4/30
  • Live performance unlike any other. Save the Vanguard!
  • See any and everything Trouble Puppet does
  • Always interesting and thought-provoking artistic works of various genres here.
  • This place rules. You should come here, and then come back again.
  • stomach poop was brilliant.
  • If you see this in time, go see Baal, in production until the end of November 2010. By Paper Chairs. Truly surreal and unique!

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