$ $ $
Terminal C, near Gate C120 (EWR Airport)
Newark, NJ 07114


  • Table side steak tartare, great steak frites, fantastic wine list. Take the shuttle over from the wasteland that is Terminal A
  • Pretty good for airport food. I had the burger which was good. Took some time to deliver the order though.
  • A real french bistro in newark. Good wine and decent steaks.
  • Service was impressive and the food was tasty. Had the hanger steak frites and it was delicious.
  • Online ordering@st vice, speed and ambiance. Superb! The food is OK
  • Surprised with the quality of the hanger steak. Juicy, tasty and a tad charcoaled. The accompanying french fries were a perfect blend of crispiness and flavor. Great bier selection. Expensive.
  • Nice but very pricey dandelion salad.
  • The omelettes are huge and make a great, filling breakfast
  • Sit outside. Free wifi doesn't work inside.
  • Steaks are worth it, even though you have to cut them with a plastic knife. Damn you, TSA.
  • Nice upgrade on Gallagher's, which was getting a little rusty. Outlets at every table, ipad ordering system (still working out the kinks on that one...)
  • Solid beer menu, lots of New Jersey favorites like Carton and Kane.
  • Deviled eggs and steak tartare, ordered via iPad.
  • Strange iPad ordering system that doesn't work well. Mediocre food, decent but overpriced beer and spirits selection.
  • Deviled eggs are delicious, and the service is really good and friendly. It's a French restaurant with an iPad ordering system, so that's a little weird
  • Definitely not the self service ordering tablet that makes you pay and defaults an 18% gratuity charge before you receive any service ! I mean, Ive seen bad ideas, but this one stands out ..
  • Its no Peter Lugers but the steak here is still ok steak. Try and order more rare than you really want and try not to break the cheap plastic knife they give you
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  • Do not go here if you're even remotely in a hurry. Everything is slow. Even when there's barely anybody here.
  • Very expensive. Skip the starters and focus on a calorie dense sandwich or entree cause youre going too pay through the nose.

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