Sailing Through the Lens of Famed Photographer Onne van der Wal


Being on a sailboat is a one-of-a-kind experience and if someone were to put together a photography book about it, it would need to be a professional sailor — someone who truly knows the sea and has voyaged around the world. Onne van der Wal is such a person. Not only does he come from a family of sailors, he's skippered many kinds of boats, raced yachts in every climate imaginable, and has crossed the Atlantic over ten times. Though photography is Onne's second passion, the images presented in Sailing show a range of emotion and acts as a literal love letter to the sea. Plus, his award-winning shots have been seen on the covers of countless sailing magazines all over the world, so he's not exactly a novice with a camera. With nearly 200 color photos and five gatefolds of wide-range images, this volume would be great for anyone interested in sailing — whether they're a professional sailor or have never even stepped foot on a boat before.

Sailing is officially released October 29.