Saigon Square

Department Store, Antiques
77-89 Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa (Lê Lợi)
Quận 1, Tp. Hồ Chí Minh


  • Don't come here with your girlfriend...
  • For those who want cheap original buys from The North Face, Crumpler, Samsonite
  • They sales a lots of "fake" stuff in there, especially clothes, shoes ... You need to bargain well.
  • Alot of original branded clothes that are reasonably cheap because they are made in Vietnam- A&F, F21, MNG, GAP, Herve Ledger, Burberry, etc. some are fakes (esp Ralph Lauren), check the tags.
  • Rule: Haggle at least 40% off the price! Not a fan of this place but will be great for those wanting to buy imitation. Nothing authentic viet stuff, just fake international brands..
  • Try bargaining, you'll eventually find something very affordable and reasonable to buy.
  • Must see & visit when you are in Saigon....
  • Cheap North Face, Jackets but expensive fashion clothes.
  • Hit or miss, some clothing in sizes for foreigner, but more for VN sizes
  • Evo gde se gistro aneri snabdevaju
  • 40~60% ...
  • It's not a department store, it's a market.
  • Not convinced everything in here is original- few fakes knocking about
  • seller ask how much you are willing to pay.. always go low. then they will disagree, ask them how much they are willing to give you, then subtract 10 - 50 thousand dong and still bargain... BARGAIN!!
  • Saigon square is the perfect place to be... you'll find cheap stuff from f21,h&m, mango, kipling, north face, adidas, nike and a lot more...all originals but overruns with gud quality still
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  • Its air condition and more organized plus it has wifi!
  • luc' nao vao` cung mua dc quan` ao'

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