Sagamore Bridge

Row 1

Route 6
Sagamore, MA 02561
Bridge, Road, Scenic Lookout
Mon–Sun: 24 Hours

Foursquare Tips

  • If there is a lot of traffic...take the tunnel.
  • Okay my tip is to learn when to get off this island when there is no overwhelming traffic going on. I THOUGHT LEAVING. AT 8PM WOULD BR A GOOD TIME......WRONG:-!
  • Great view!!
  • Bridge traffic is so ass
  • Head East and be happy!
  • Great view. EYES ON THE ROAD!
  • Stay in the Lines.
  • Bring snacks: you might be here for a while.
  • Waze is the best app for your phone for traffic and gps! It's free too.
  • the entrance to the bahhhhhhh
  • Very beautiful scenery.
  • The walk along canal
  • Bridge successfully allowed me to traverse the waterway in my non-amphibious vehicle. I was not concerned about the strength of the bridge. It seems well built. A+ would cross again.
  • Love the view!
  • The views make for some great photography
  • Bye Cape Cod!
  • Beautiful bridge
  • I have no idea how people do this every weekend. I'm ready to jump off the bridge when I get to it. And two more events to go to still.
  • Green means go normally, but traffic is typically so bad you'd think they'd paint it red already.
  • When coming to Cape Cod, go the Bourne Bridge, when leaving Cape Cod, go the Sagamore Bridge. You will thank me later.