Safety Testing for GMOs and More News

In today's Media Mix, China's food safety problems, plus new research on red wine and migraines

The Daily Meal's Media Mix brings you the biggest news around the food world.

Safety Testing for GMOs Recommended: The American Medical Association recommended that there should be pre-market testing for safety for all GMOS before they enter the food supply. [Chicago Tribune]

More Problems in China's Food Safety: In other food safety news, China continues to be plagued with more food safety scandals; local media say the highly publicized mercury in baby formula is only the tip of the iceberg. [New York Times]

Not All Red Wine Causes Headaches: Despite red wine's bad rep that it can cause more headaches, it's only those with high amounts of tannins that cause headaches. [WebMD]

Andrew Carmellini to Open New Restaurant: Daniel Boulud's mentee will open the restaurant in the spcae formerly known as Chinatown Brasserie. [New York Times]


Jamie Oliver Criticizes UK's Food Initiatives: The chef and public health advocate has "lost faith" in the UK's ability to improve school nutrition. [Huffington Post]