Safely Store & Access Your Bitcoins With the BitStash


Bitcoin transactions aren’t exactly the status-quo and we’re not surprised. As cool as crypto-currency sounds, it’s matched by its complexity—if I’m paying with a digital currency, I want to make sure I’m not susceptible to digital hacking. It’s not too much to ask for right? Well, BitStash is here to make it easier to stash and use your Bitcoin “cash."

The BitStash system involves three tiers of wallets—mobile for spending on the go, device for day-to-day trading or online shopping, and cold storage for long-term, off-site holdings—and all are accessible through Bluetooth. Using entropy generated by atmospheric noise, BitStash designed the three tiers of BIP32 wallets to meet the government’s strictest data security standards. That might seem complicated enough, but it’s actually easy to use. All you do is simply plug in the device, download the app, and you’ll be guided through the set-up process.

The prototype (including schematics, the device, and software), has already been created, but BitStash will launch a Kickstarter campaign on October 22 to fund manufacturing. Pre-orders for BitStash can obviously be paid in Bitcoin.