The Safe House (International Exports Ltd.)

Restaurant, Home, Entertainment
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779 N Front St
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 271-2007

Safe House, a spy-themed Wisconsin restaurant, remains inconspicuous to the outside world. There is no sign marking its location, and only “secret agents” with the password are permitted. As one anonymous “agent” explained, “A safe house is a haven for spies. Spies need a little R&R, furtive feasting, and surreptitious sipping after missions.” Its very lack of advertising has made it one of the hottest spots in Milwaukee. How hard is it to join the club? The agent elaborates, “There are at least 39 steps from wherever you are, maybe more. None are difficult and we're very accessible, especially if you find a friendly spy who will take you there. Just make sure you're not followed to our secret location.” — Michelle Kiefer, 1/12/2012, America's 10 Most Secret Restaurants.


  • The upscale cuisine includes dishes like the Sean Connery (herb-buttered flame-broiled steak) and the Soviet Defector (beer-braised baby back ribs).