Sabre forms BioWALL -- Protecting Water, Air, Land and Life

Sabre forms BioWALL -- Protecting Water, Air, Land and Life

BioWALL -- a Sabre Company -- focuses on preparation for, and prevention of, escalating biological and chemical contamination threats, in addition to providing rapid decontamination responses to commercial agriculture, food processing, and other industries, as well as federal, state and local governments.

ALBANY, N.Y., May 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The Sabre Companies today announced BioWALL, a new Sabre Company formed to pursue specific private and public sector market opportunities to prepare for, prevent or respond to a full range of naturally occurring or human-induced biological and chemical threats. BioWALL leverages Sabre's 20 year proven record of combining technology, industry expertise and on-the-ground experience in effectively decontaminating the toughest biological and chemical threats the world has faced in recent history, from the 2001 Anthrax attacks to the 2005 Hurricane Katrina cleanup to the 2015 Avian Influenza outbreaks. BioWALLTM solutions use the most advanced and environmentally-friendly technologies to ultra-sterilize even the largest spaces, including barns, livestock transportation, food processing plants, commercial kitchens, pharmaceutical labs, bodies of water and many others.   

BioWALL protects Water, Air, Land and Life from the biological and chemical threats that are increasing at a rapid rate due to globalization, cross contamination, high-density agricultural practices, reduced bio-diversity, insufficient protection in infectious environments, antibiotic resistance, lack of sufficient sanitation and a chronic shortage of clean water, among others. These factors are fueled by the mobility of people and products, and greater demand for agricultural products and animal protein, and can be exacerbated by extreme weather events, environmental damage from large-scale commercial operations and the threats of bioterrorism.   Better securing the food chain from biological threats is a key initial focus of BioWALL, with solutions to frequently occurring contamination incidents in food production, transportation, processing and distribution at markets and restaurants that cost hundreds of millions and affect millions of lives each year.

"Newspaper headlines continually highlight the need to proactively address threats arising from E.coli, salmonella, avian influenza, listeria, Ebola and other nascent pathogens in order to mitigate potential biological and chemical contamination events before they reach crisis proportions," said Steve Oesterle, Chief Executive Officer of BioWALL. "BioWALL works with businesses and governments to protect lives, assets, operations and reputations by ensuring they are prepared for and can rapidly address critical high-risk events, as well as take concrete steps to prevent many of them from happening in the first place."

"After experiencing first-hand the challenges associated with addressing the domestic anthrax and Ebola response, I had an immediate appreciation for the value of BioWALL's technologies," said General Charles H. Jacoby, Jr. (USA-Ret.) a BioWALL Director. "In the past, the only approach has been reactive response, and responses to deadly and highly-pathogenic biological agents have generally been weak, scientifically inappropriate or late reactions. We need a change in paradigm: from respond to protect. I see BioWALL as an essential component in staying ahead of these threats, utilizing science-based applications which encompass protection, prevention and proactive measures, as well as response."

At the core of the BioWALLTM solutions are Sabre's patented ChemGenTM generators and methods for generating DiKlorTM chlorine dioxide (ClO2), as well as patented treatment processes that leverage decades of scientific research coupled with extensive field experience.  Chlorine dioxide is a powerful water-soluble gas that destroys harmful and potentially deadly biological and chemical contaminants. Sabre's DiKlorTM-G oxidant is used to generate DiKlorTM chlorine dioxide and is the only U.S. EPA-registered sterilant with the capability to provide broad spectrum decontamination on porous and non-porous surfaces in large and small facilities.

"The approach and technology used by BioWALL is without equal because of its unique ability to rapidly treat large-scale highly-contaminated buildings and bodies of water, treat pathogens including bacteria and viruses without facilitating resistance and degrade naturally without carcinogenic or toxic byproducts," said John Mason, Chief Science Officer of BioWALL. "Our proven science has set the standard for effective, efficient and large-scale decontamination processes and protocols and has earned the recognition and trust of corporations and government agencies."

BioWALL™ provides protection solutions, including its ReplenishSM services, providing fixed-installation, custom, and small-scale treatment units tailored to specific applications in food, agriculture and other industry sectors. BioWALL™ delivers its response solutions using a mobile fleet of patented CHEMGEN™ chlorine dioxide generation systems — the most advanced, versatile integrated mobile chlorine dioxide systems available. BioWALL's systems include the largest-capacity mobile chlorine dioxide systems in the world, with over 10 times the production capacity of any other mobile system.

About BioWALL™ — a Sabre Company

BioWALL™ protects Water, Air, Land and Life with proven capabilities that combine advanced bioscience, exclusive technology, industry expertise and over two decades of on-the-ground experience. The Company delivers unique and effective solutions to complex problems involving a full spectrum of biological and chemical contaminants, providing planning, preparation, prevention and response solutions to food, agribusiness, facilities, events, logistics, governments, first responders and public/private entities to mitigate the risks and reduce the economic cost of both naturally-occurring and terrorism-related biological pathogens and chemical contaminations.

BioWALLTM services are ecologically-friendly and utilize patented processes that have been trusted to solve the most difficult biological contamination challenges in recent history, as well as the everyday challenges companies and governments face in keeping people and the environment safe from biological and chemical threats. For more information please visit

About The Sabre Companies

The Sabre Companies are technology and services companies specializing in solving problems and developing solutions related to potential or realized biological and chemical contamination. The Companies' numerous patents allow them to provide unique solutions to many industries. For additional information, please visit


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